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Nutrition's intake daily dose recommendation

These dosages are recommended by doctors. I recommend you to consult to your doctor for intake of any nutrient in any conditions because these datas can be change by some conditions. You can see even on net or in books RDA ranges shows different numbers on each source. This one here given, taken from a medical doctor who is working about nutritions. And as you can see doses here are higher. So the data here given can be unreliable.

RDA  ( Recommended Dietary Allowance) or RDI (Recommended Daily Intake), R can be mentioned sometimes for Reference or Range too.

People can ask why there is a dosage for a vitamin or nutrients or supplements. Yes because not only prescriptions can be harmful but if you take overdose of vitamins can cause intoxication or several other problems too. It does not matter it is natural nor synthetic. Because a vitamin itself usually an acid compound or any chemical compound  ( for example  Vit. C is L-ascorbic acid ) no matter it is coming from nature or not and so it is also not recommended to take without eating anything.

For this you have to know doses of them. It is important.

The list of recommended dosages 


Vitamin A: It is not recommended to take because of toxicity. Especially pregnant women should avoid to use it. Even 5000-10000 IU can cause problems it said.
Vitamin B varieties :
              B1: 20-30 mg.
              B2: 25-50 mg.
              B3: 30-75 mg.
              B5: 80-200 mg.
              B6: 25- 50 mg.
              B9: 200-400 mcg.
              B12: 100-250 mcg.
Vitamin C:  1000-2000 mg.
Vitamin D:  (D3):  450-800 IU
Vitamin E:  400-800 IU
Vitamin H: no RDA or ?
Vitamin K: 50- 100 mcg.
Vitamin P:  no RDA or ?

Others: Vitamin-like Substances, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Macro-Nutrients,

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