Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Balinese Calendar

Balinese calendar


In Bali' complicated culture and rituals there is also a calendar. In fact there is more than one calendar. Two of them. But the one they use even now is namely Saka. You can hear on Bali local people name almost everyday and specify days as good day bad day etc according to this calendar. They even arrange their weddings, ceremonies and special events by this calender with advice of clerics who has studied about Balinese culture and religion and tradition.

This calendar starts with nyepi  which all of expatriates here familiar with this name i guess. Because in nyepi you should not go out from home or turn on any light. Island will turn to a ghost city this day. It is a lunar calendar. It has months as follow;

  • kasa
  • karo
  • katiga
  • kapat
  • kalima
  • kanem
  • kapitu
  • kawalu
  • kasanga
  • kadasa
  • jyestha
  • sadha

 Other Balinese calendar is Pawukon which is 210 days calendar.
There are also Javanese calendar and islamic calenders in Indonesia and Bali.


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