Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vet in Bali

Ok we live in Bali.That is nice and we have pets.Where should we go for veterinary care in Bali? Or the question is can we find reliable doctors here?The answer is yes if you seek for enough.

In Bali veterinarians practicing a lot but what i know is most of doctors has not enough experience and knowledge because of their educational system has some problems.Like curriculum out of date and lack of practice during study etc.Also some other issues.Like not very strict regulations.So you can see sometimes (dokter hewan) signs.Those signs mostly new graduated not experienced and lack of facilities places.Dramatic part of issue is they do not use advanced once referral (like hospitals,clinics,universities) mostly,what does it mean referral? Referral means if a doctor or medical institute has no capability ,knowledge or facilities they will apply  to help from who has that. which is must be ,ethically.But there are also big clinics around 5 of them plus foundations (about 5 of them and almost all of them own by foreigners but i do not recommend you to go there,because medical institutions must own by doctors at least but those are not and i do not think in the world foundations work properly and help something,and also i know one of them got responsibility from government for rabies but rabies still ongoing in island for 3 and half years right now.While they have a lot of donations, and when you ask them come to pick up a street dog they do not come or when you want to adopt a street dog from them they try to force you to pay around 200 $ which suppose to be free.I think you understood what i meant.).Anyway.Those 5 clinics i can say quiet good.Especially one of them Bali Vet Clinic, you can leave your pet there without any doubt of any corruption or any hesitate i guarantee you.The person who run this clinic is oversea graduated and very good doctor and very idealistic person.People can say it is expensive there in Indonesia conditions but not.Hospitals of course expensive all over the world.Because all  over the world they use same equipments and medicines and prices of them same in everywhere.You have to be careful if a doc. charge you cheap especially places like Indonesia.The rest of 5 also good but this one among them also well known person.What i witnessed most of the time those other 4 clinic use this place especially owners itself as referral a lot.One of other one is PhD degree from U.S.(which is only PhD. as far i know) but very old now.So I hope I helped you little bit about with this brief writing.Feel free to comment.

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