Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drop down menu

Drop down menu is wide range topic. Here let me show you an example for a form with using html codes. For this you need to use select and option elements. I mean they are essential elements you can use other several different elements too depends on what kind of menu you want.

Let me give a very simple example first. You write first this element <select>  and close it like this </select>
The result will be like this:

As you see when you click on arrow it does not show anything. To show something when arrow clicked you need to add something more. In between these selects you need to put options. Write there <option> and close it </option>. And repeat it as how many you want. Lets say you want 3 options. Then 3 times repeat it. And between options type what you want to be selected. I wrote me, you, everybody. You can write anything you want.

So it will be like this:


And it will appears like this to user:

You can add several more things inside like you can give links to selections or put this inside form or frame or inputs, buttons etc.. and this is not only way to make drop down menu anyway. But i will update this later on.

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