Monday, June 4, 2012


List of restaurants

  • INDONESIAN         - Warung Made, Cabe Rawit
  • INTERNATIONAL - Metis, Warisan, Aravina
  • SEA FOOD               - Jimbaran Complex, IBC, Bubba Gump
  • ITALIAN                  - Warung Italia
  • CHINESE                 - Mie 88, Feyloon, Bale Bali, Fortune Cookie
  • JAPANESE               - Sushi Tei, Fukutaro, Riyoshi, Take
  • INDIAN                    - Queen Tandoor, Roti Canai
  • GREECE                  - Mikonos, Pantarei
  • TURKISH                 -Tulip, Sultan Kebap
  • MEXICAN                 - Tj's,   Pocoloco, Warung Max
  • FRENCH                    - Cafe Moka
  • THAI                          - Lemon Grass, Thai Corner
  • GERMAN                 - Mama's

 These are my favorites i remember just right now, i  will add more later.If you want me to add some more, feel free to comment. Thanks

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