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Bali' Tropical Fruits

Bali Island is a tropical area and because of this reason it has lots of strange fruits, vegetables, plants and even animals there like entire Indonesia has.It is not only because it is tropical place but geographical condition. Indonesia is archipelago which has thousands of islands and isles. So their species are little bit different than the rest of the world. Well some of them extinct but anyway they still have some of them. I want to list here fruits especially. Maybe you familiar with Ananas, Coconut and Papaya but there are other fruits which probably you never heard or seen in your life. They are very healthy fruits like all other fruits anyway but only lackness maybe fiber because of rain. Rainy areas fruits and vegetables mostly has less fiber they said. Anyway eat fruits and vegetables even they have less fibers.

Fruits of Bali and Indonesia 

Here is list maybe not completed but i can update it later on. 

Snake Fruit - Salak

Local people call it salak. They name it snake fruit because of its armour looks like snake skin i guess. You can find it in Malaysia too. Balinese Salak is different than Jakarta one. Taste and appearance is little bit different. Salak is the maybe most famous one i can say among all fruits in Bali.


Big melon sized and strange fruit. It has also strange armour with sharp big thorns and it is hard skin. You can not easily open it. Durian also has very strange smell once you open it. Also it has alcohol effect it said. I ate several times but it did not make me anything. The flesh of Durian also like sticky and smelly but not that bad taste.

Luwak Coffee

This is not a fruit maybe technically it is but i wanted to put here. From that animal Luwak and its poo. Yes it is a poo or from poo but maybe the most expensive coffee in the world. Well in Bali it is not that expensive. 


Papaya can be found in different areas in the world too. It is not originally from Bali itself but you can find it in Bali a lot too. Probably you familiar with it and its taste anyway.  If not let me tell you it is like melon but orange color and taste slightly different. I like to eat it with lemon. 

Custard Apple

It is hard to eat this one because of hard its hard shell.


Mango probably you familiar. They call it Manga in local language. There are many kind of Mango in fact. Some of them are really tasty. 


They call it something like Kaju in Bali. Cashew uses as a nut in fact and you can find in everywhere in Bali.


Strange name isn't it? It looks like durian little bit but it is different. Local people dry it and eat it that way mostly.


I like its juice  more than its fruit.


Rambutan is also from Malay Archipelago not specially from Bali only. Rambutan means hairy in Malay language. You can see it looks like hairy small ball.  


Duku looks like Longan but different. 


Maybe it is not Balinese but tropical fruit but that you can find a lot of them in Bali. A coconut can keep you alive without eating anything it said. Because it is water is like natural electrolyte. And its body very nutritious.  

Dragon Fruit

This one also my favorite. Not maybe taste. Taste of it little bit dry to eat it. Dragon fruit also called as Pitaya. 

Star Fruit

It is name come from its shape. Actually it does not look like star much.


Cacao is hilly areas of Bali can be found mostly. 


Ananas also one of the fruit you are familiar. 

Passion Fruit

It is little bit sour


It is a kind of mango but inside is white.

Jambu - Red Water Apple - Rose Apple

Jambu is local name but also internationally mostly called with this name. It has not much taste anyway. I can not say it is my favorite at least. It has also white one which name is White Water Apple. 

Balinese Orange

Balinese Orange, Orange Bali or Jeruk Bali is an orange in fact but it is size maybe 4 times bigger than normal orange. It looks like grapefruit actually more than orange but it is different type of orange believe or not.


This is my favorite all time. They call it Purple Mangosteen, Manggis, Mangis. It comes from originally Sunda Islands it said.

Kelengkeng - Longan - Lengkeng

A small fruit similar with Duku but its different taste and shape inside. 


This one also look like vegetable. Tomato also technically fruit anyway. 

Kacang - Balinese Peanut

Peanut of Bali smaller than normal peanut.


Cassava maybe also not fruit. People eat its roots and make chips with it like potato or sweet potato.


You can eat by peeling it or without peeling it.

You can find all those fruits cheap at night market in Bali. It is not only open at night but day time too.

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