Monday, January 2, 2012

List of Property Companies and Villas to stay

Property Companies

  1. ,  Eka
  2.  House of Bali
  3.   Dibali property
  4. Elite Heavans associate with Knight Frank
  5.   Ray White
  6.  XP Property Xclusive Property
  7. Exotiq Property
  8. Bali Property
  9. Sea Sentosa
10.  BLO Bali Land Office
11.  Lime Property
12.  Caz International
13. Beringin Property in Seseh junction ,web site closed right now
14.  Balion in Seseh like travel agency
15.Ridhu Property , Website couldnt found , Near pererenan junction ,near horse riding
16.  DK Property
17.  Property 66
2. Australia
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Thailand
6. China
7. Hong Kong
8. India
9. Vietnam
10. Macau
11. India

Villas For Accomodation
1., Aura Villa , Ubud,
2., Mimpi Manis, Pererenan,
3. Ombak Cafe, Pererenan
4. Villa Asli, Seminyak
5. Kaba Kaba Villa,  Kaba Kaba, Tabanan
6.Coming soon

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Welcome to Bali Villa & Land

Welcome to Bali Land & Villa

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Bali is the one of the most beautiful island in the world. It has increasing number of visitors every year. It is also most profitable property place in the world. And you can find some of those properties and solutions here.

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