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a rice field from Bali
I think i forgot to talk about island itself to introduce you.Maybe most of you already heard about it.Population in Bali about 4 millions(only 1,5-2 m of them Balinese,rest is from other islands and countries ).Balinese people's religion is hinduism.There are lots of tropical fruits here which you can not see in other side of the world(maybe in farmville :D ).Oh yes and they do not consume bread but rice.Big waves for surfing and long coasts.And maybe some first things you will recognise number of motorbikes and smell (which probably from incenses) ,chinese-like buildings, rice fields .First foreigners here was artists they said ( after colonial invaders I meant ) who they mostly live in Ubud area or uphills mostly  I think.I do not choose places, each part is quite ok for me.But if you like silence not much crowd those places are good for you.

one of ceremony and dress
Surf in Bali
Bali map
.  Bali is beautiful island and very nice ocean views,landscapes.Balinese people also warm.Their traditions and religion is always welcome you.Because their belief is peaceful and based on tolerance.Despite of mombing in 2004 huge amount of people still coming here every years.There are lots of temples in island.Why people call it island of  millions temple.Because in their belief all families have temple in their house and one for their bigger family and one for their banjar which is a kind of community almost in every street there is one.And also main temples.If you add all of them of  course it is millions of temples.Endless ceremonies,rituals  will look like mystic to you.Weather is called tropical.In fact there is 2 season, dry and wet.There is rain or not the temperature always between 28-32 C.Tourism season is littlle bit confusing because of this I think.High season june,  july to september and end of december till 8-10 january, rest is low season.It is not much based on hotel tourism but villas.You can see almost in every corner a villa mostly own by foreigners and also home stays for back packers or students.

Ulun Danu Temple on Lake

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