Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How we work and why we are honest

We work base on percentages (maximum 5%) from owner of property.We can provide direct owners and you can negotiate by yourself.We do not playing with prices.Also we help you for processing to paper works.But we are not responsible for any cost for that.It depends on agreement between buyer and owner.Also we can help for visa   paper works.You will need a KITAS ( working permit ) or P.M.A. ( something like visa for business ).Tourist visa or social visa is not allowed to run business or hold a villa in any way.There is also retirement visa in Bali.

Why people interesting in to invest property in Bali.Because prices here moving fast.Also living in here is amazing even for short time.

Almost half millions foreigners living in Bali now ( mostly Japanese and Australian citizens ).This is the answer who says foreigners can not own property in Bali actually.We do not need to give you guarantee of ROI ( Return of investment ) because you will see how fast it will return to you.Just ask people who already had experiences.

We work base on trust in fact.All deals open for negotiations.We looking for you lands, villas and properties. Show you all options untill you choose best one for yourself.

And no, If you have already a property and want to sell it or rent or lease it .We do not inspect and calculate the value for you.You yourself value your assets.We only advise you for prices.that means we do not decide for you about prices.

In other islands like Sumba, Lombok etc. also have some database

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Welcome to Bali Villa & Land

Welcome to Bali Land & Villa

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